News about MARWIS

For us it is important to always keep you up to date. Therefore you can find all important information about MARWIS from different channels, such as the Lufft Blog, here in an overview.

  • MARWIS in the media

    MARWIS in the media

    The winter has arrived in many countries and MARWIS is present in the radio, television and the press. Here you can find the best two examples in form of a TV contribution and a big press article in Jane's airport review from last year.

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  • MARWIS tours in Arkansas, USA

    MARWIS tours in Arkansas, USA

    New video from applied information, the provider of the road weather management software glance, of a MARWIS tour from 22nd of January 2016 - a cold winter day in Arkansas. It shows the functions of MARWIS and explains the data.

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  • More news from Winston-Salem, US

    More news from Winston-Salem, US

    Since last year, there are 6 MARWIS-equipped Forsyth County School buses on tour in Winston-Salem. On the one hand they ensure saver trips of school kids and on the other they can trigger a day off from school due to extreme cold (photo: Lauren Carroll/ Journal).

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