iPad MARWIS App Help


Device Information

Tapping on the (i) symbol on the sensor channels display will show detailed information about the connected UMB devices, e.g. device software and hardware version information etc.

Note: The MARWIS app supports any kind of UMB device, and any number of UMB devices connected via bluetooth, so this screen is designed to show more than one device, even though you will usually connect to only one MARWIS device.
Tapping on a device in the list opens the “Device Configuration” dialog (if the Bluetooth connection is established).

Device Configuration

Here some device settings can be edited.

Note that any configuration changes will be transmitted to the device when the dialog is closed (by returning to the device information screen). Note that in order for the configuration changes to take effect the device must be reset/restarted.

The following parameters can be set:

  • Description: the device description
  • Status-LED: enable/disable the status LED (on the front of the MARWIS device)
  • Damp Threshold: if the water film is above this threshold, the road condition is reported as “damp”.
  • Wet Threshold: if the water film is above this threshold, the road condition is reported as “wet”.
  • Interference suppression: the interval in ms for interference suppression.
  • Bluetooth Pairing: switching this setting to “off” will “unpair” the MARWIS device with this iPad/iPhone.
  • Measurement interval: the interval in which the measurement data of the MARWIS device are detected and issued (100…5000 ms).
  • FBZ model: the model used to calculate road condition. Possible values are:
    • AVG
    • Winter 1
    • Winter 2
    • Winter 3
    • Summer 1
    • Summer 2

On the right hand side, the adjustment profiles of the device are shown and can be selected or adjusted.

Note that only valid profiles can be selected. Invalid profiles need to be adjusted to become valid. Invalid profiles are shown in gray.
Note that not all profiles can be adjusted – there might be factory presets that cannot be re-adjusted/overwritten.

Tapping on “adj.” will open the “Adjustment/Alignment” dialog (see below).

Pyrometer offset

An offset for the pyrometer temperature measurement can be set. The actual measured temperature is initially shown.

The available buttons have the following functions:

  • “--”: decrease the offset (big step);
  • “-”: decrease the offset (small step);
  • “+”: increase the offset (small step);
  • “++”: increase temperature offset (big step)
  • reset : reset temperature offset to 0

Stopping the app

The app is defined as dashboard application. This means, it displays the measurement values and other sensor information. Even if the app runs in the background (e.g. after pressing the device’s “home” button or switching off the display) it still collects data and transfers them to the server.
In order to really switch off the app and stop the data processing close it as follows:
Double-tapping the home button will show the running/active apps on the iPad/iPhone.

Swiping an app out of the screen to the top will terminate the app.