iPad MARWIS App Help

Sensor Channel Configuration

Sensor Configuration

Tapping on the small gear icon on the dashboard display will open the “Sensor Channels” screen. Here, sensor channels can be added, removed, or configured in detail.

Adding Sensor Channels

There is a button with a “+” symbol on the upper right corner of the screen.
If no sensor channels have been configured yet, tapping this button will prompt the user if the default sensor channels for a MARWIS device should be added.

If this is confirmed by the user, following sensor channels are added:

UMB channel No. Description Dashboard Display Line
100 (or 105 if “imperial units” are configured) Road Temperature in °C (or °F) 4
120 (or 125 if “imperial units” are configured) Dewpoint Temperature in °C (or °F) -
600 (or 605 if “imperial Waterfilm height in µm (or mil) 2
800 Ice Percent in % 5
820 Friction 3
900 Road Condition 1

If the user does not confirm adding the default channels, or if there are already sensor channels configured, an inactive “New Sensor Channel” with the default device ID and sensor channel 0 is added to be configured manually.

Deleting Sensor Channel

Swiping on a sensor channel in the list from right to left will show a red “Delete” button on the right hand side. Tapping the button will prompt the user to confirm the removal of the sensor channel from the configuration.

Sensor Channel Configuration

Tapping on a sensor channel in the “Sensor Channels” list will show the configuration details for each channel:

The Name, Unit, and Decimals attributes are used for displaying the sensor information on the main app screen – as is the display position and display icon settings.

The UMB device id (address) and channel are used for the device communication and for forwarding the data to the server. If needed, other UMB devices or other sensor channels of a MARWIS device can be added to the sensor channels configuration. Only sensor channels that have a “display position” assigned will be displayed on the main app screen. However, all values for all active sensor channels will be transmitted (if configured) to the (ViewMondo) server.

The sensor channel which has been assigned the “Road Condition” icon is used to display the road condition trail on the map display.

Note that only those “Display Positions” can be selected that do not already have a sensor assigned. If a new sensor channel is added to the default sensor channels, all display positions are occupied so that no selection is offered: