iPad MARWIS App Help


Usually the default settings are sufficient.
In the iOS settings some basic parameters for the MARWIS app can be set:

Server Connection

Besides the measured values on the iOS device, the transmission of the data to a server for further processing is an essential function of the app.

The connection to SmartView is configured through the iOS settings / MARWIS settings and the following parameters:

Parameter Default Value Description
Server Connection Enabled OFF

Connection to server (e.g. ViewMondo server) enabled/disabled

The MARWIS app will use the (first) device serial number as an ID for the server (e.g. ViewMondo server). In order to connect to the (ViewMondo) server, the server must be running, and the Marwis interface must be configured as “active” for ViewMondo/Collector.

If required, port forwarding for the TCP port must be configured on your router and the TCP port must be allowed on your firewall.

Server Name/IP Address

The DNS name or IP address of the server (e.g. ViewMondo).

The server dns host name or ip address must be configured, the “server connection enabled” switch must be set to “ON”.

Port 30100

The TCP port for the server connection

If the (ViewMondo) server uses a different TCP port, the appropriate port number must be configured for the MARWIS app.

Communication Timeout 30 Communication timeout in seconds for server connection
Communication Interval 60

The interval (in seconds) in which data is transferred to the server.

The data collected in the MARWIS app is transferred to the server within the configured “communication interval”, which determines how often data transmission occurs.

Transmission Interval 10 Interval in seconds in which the data is queued to be sent to the server

The “Transmission Interval” controls the interval in which measure values are collected to be forwarded to the server.
If the server connection is interrupted, the data retrieved from the MARWIS device is stored/queued within the app and transmitted to the server as soon as the connection could be re-established.

Location Change Standby Timeout 10

Standby timeout in minutes for location change. Data transfer to the server is suspended the location does not change for the configured time period.

“Location Change Standby Timeout”: If the GPS coordinates for the iPad/IPhone did not change for the specified amount of time (in minutes), data transmission to the server is suspended until the GPS coordinates change again (i.e. the position of the vehicle changes).

Location Change Standby Timeout 5 The "Device Communication Standby Timeout" parameter defines the time period after which the data transmission is cancelled to the server due to a missing Bluetooth connection with the MARWIS within the set period (e.g. because the device was switched off or is out of range).

Device Connection

The following parameters control the (Bluetooth) communication with the MARWIS device:

Parameter Default Value Description
Device Connection Enabled On

Connection to the MARWIS device enabled/disabled.

Mainly for testing purposes – the device connection should always be enabled.

Communication Timeout 750 The communication timeout with the MARWIS device in milliseconds
Retries on error 3 The number of retries for the device communication before it is considered a timeout.
MARWIS UMB address 40961 The default UMB address for the MARWIS device – used when adding sensor channels to the configuration
Use Imperial Units OFF

Determines which UMB sensor channels are set up for polling when the “default sensor channels” for MARWIS are added to the sensor channel configuration

If you prefer to use imperial units (°F/mil) over metric units (°C/µm) you might want to set the “Use Imperial Units” to “ON” before continuing your setup.

Data Display

The following parameters control how the data is displayed on the main “dashboard” screen of the app.

Parameter Default Value Description
Simple Road Condition Status (Green/Yellow/Red) OFF If switched to “On”, the road condition status shown on the map is simplified to green = ok (dry/damp/wet), Yellow = warning, Red = critical road condition status
Fade Out Interval 1200 The interval (in seconds) until the road condition trace on the road map slowly fades out.
Remove Interval 1200 The interval after which data is not shown on the road condition trail anymore
Display Overlay coordinates as GCJ-02 (for China) Off If “On”, the coordinates for displaying the location and track on the map within the app is calculated to “GCJ-02” coordinates (the coordinate system used in China).

Firmware update

The following parameters configure the automatic firmware update for the MARWIS:

Parameter Default Value Description
Check for Firmware Updates On Automatically check for firmware updates
Firmware Update URL firmware.lufft-MARWIS.com/MARWISFirmwareUpdateInfo.xml The internet address where the firmware can be found and downloaded.

If enabled, the MARWIS app will check for new device firmware every time the app is started, or once every 6 hours when a server connection is established. The user will be notified if a newer firmware version was found and downloaded from the server.

The device firmware is stored on the iPad/iPhone. Every time a connection to a MARWIS device is established, the device firmware version is checked against the stored firmware. If the stored firmware is newer, the user is prompted whether the device firmware should be updated or not.