iPad MARWIS App Help

App display

Dashboard Display

The main display of the app is the “dashboard display”. It shows the last retrieved sensor values (for up to 5 sensor channels) and a map with a trail indicating the road condition value.

Measurement Values

On the left side the current measurement values for the configured sensor channels (see below) are displayed.

A symbol on the left side indicates the type of measurement value. Tapping on a symbol will display a short description for the measurement type.

Status Icons

Below the measurement values 3 icons indicate the status of the

  • Bluetooth Pairing
  • Server Connection
  • GPS Signal quality

The Bluetooth and server connection status is indicated with a red cross (no connection) or a green arrow (connected).
The GPS signal quality is indicated by the number of curves around the antenna symbol (the more curves the better the signal quality).
Tapping on one of these icons will show a short description.

Below the Bluetooth status icon are 3 small symbols located:

  • Status LED: The status LED indicates the status of the MARWIS device:
    • Gray = no connection
    • Blue = Bluetooth connection is established and configuration data is being read from the device
    • green: the device operates normally;
    • Yellow = device is operational but adjustment might be needed (see below)
    • red: a problem with the device has occurred; and
    • purple = firmware update in progress
  • small gear symbol – tapping this leads to the configuration display for the sensor channels (see below)
  • small circle with a question mark – display online help for the app (requires internet connection).

Map Display

On the right hand side of the display the map with a color trail of the route taken is shown.
The map can be moved/zoomed with the usual pinching and swiping gestures.
The colors for the road conditions used on the map depend on the “simple road conditions” (green, yellow, red) settings.

If this is activated, the colors are assigned as follows:

Numerical value Meaning Color
0 Dry Green
1 Humid Green
2 Wet Green
3 Ice Red
4 Snow/Ice Red
5 Chemically wet Green
6 Freezing Yellow
7 Critical Yellow
8 Snow Red
>8 Unknown Light-Gray

Should the switch not be activated, the following colors are assigned:

Numerical value Meaning Color
0 Dry Light-Gray
1 Humid Light blue
2 Wet Dark blue
3 Ice Rosy
4 Snow/Ice Red
5 Chemically wet Dark Gray
6 Freezing Yellow
7 Critical Rosy
8 Snow Red
>8 Unknown Light-Gray

The trail will “fade out” (i.e. the color will become more opaque) over the configured “Fade Out Interval”, and the data will be removed from the trail after the configured “Remove Interval”.

Below the map are 2 icons and a segment control to select the map type.

The left of these icons – the curve – clears the path trail from the display.
The small arrow indicates whether the map “follows” the current position (i.e. the map automatically moves with the vehicle so that the current position is always in the center of the map) or not.
If the arrow is gray (disabled) the map follows the position (and therefore is disabled).
If it is blue, the map is not centered to the current position and tapping on the arrow will re-center the map.

The segment control allows to switch the map display between (road) map, satellite images and hybrid (road map and satellite images).

Note that the satellite images cause higher data transfer from the map server.