iPad MARWIS App Help

Adjustment and pyrometer offset


To adjust the sensor to the given kind/structure of the pavement/road surface in the area where the measurements will be taken, an adjustment process might have to be performed.

Without a properly conducted adaptation, the measurement data output might be erroneous.
Up to 10 different adaption profiles can be stored in the MARWIS device (some of which might be factory presets that cannot be overwritten).

During the adaption basic settings for the measurement process are calculated. These are dependent on the structure of the pavement/road surface and the distance between the MARWIS device and the surface. It is sensible to name the profiles to reflect these conditions, e.g. the name of the vehicle used, and the height where the MARWIS device was installed.

Only a name and the duration for the adjustment process can be set.

Note: The LED and body temperature of the MARWIS-UMB device are checked/monitored and displayed.

If the LED and/or body temperature is below the valid range, a yellow/orange indicator is shown, and the “Overwrite” button is disabled. Please wait until the MARWIS-UMB is heated up to the appropriate temperatures.

If the LED and/or body temperature is above the valid range, or the temperatures cannot be measured (e.g. because the temperature sensors are defective), a red indicator is shown, and the “Overwrite” button is disabled.

Only if the LED and body temperature is within the valid range, the “Overwrite” button is enabled, and a green indicator is shown.

Tapping on “Overwrite” will start the adjustment process. While the adjustment is in progress, the status (i.e. the time the process is running) will be displayed.

On successful completion, the screen will return to the device configuration dialog.

Note that the MARWIS device needs to be re-started in order for the changes to become active.
Leaving the device configuration dialog after running an adjustment process will prompt the user to reboot the MARWIS device.

Pyrometer offset

An offset for the pyrometer temperature measurement can be set. The actual measured temperature is initially shown.

The available buttons have the following functions:

  • “--”: decrease the offset (big step);
  • “-”: decrease the offset (small step);
  • “+”: increase the offset (small step);
  • “+”: increase the offset (big step);
  • “Reset”: reset the adjustment to the initial value;

The product is calibrated by Lufft before delivery. Correction of the pyrometer measurement is only required in specific cases and in combination with a reference measuring device.