Android MARWIS App Help

Sensor Channel Configuration

Channel configuration

The gear symbol at the bottom right brings you to the sensor channel settings. The channels are initialized automatically with default values when connected to the MARWIS for the first time. These are: water-film height, road temperature, road conditions, friction, ice percentage and dew point.

All channels listed here are read by the sensor. The blue checkbox to the left of the channel name indicates whether the respective channel is also visible in the dashboard view.

Deactivate or delete sensor channels

In order to disable a measurement channel, it is enough to remove the checkmark to the left of the sensor channel in the channel list.

In order to delete or deactivate a measuring channel, the relevant tab needs to be swiped out to the right. The channel is not really deleted but removed from the list, inhibiting data collection.

Ice percentage has been removed in the following channel list.

A measurement channel can be returned to the channel list by tapping the circled plus icon at the top right.

User defined channels

In addition to standard channels, which are sufficient in most applications, there is the possibility to create additional channels.

Tapping the icon next to the circled plus sign (three bars with a plus sign), allows you to manage user-defined channels. Channel details for new channels need to be entered manually, however.

An example of water-film height in the American unit “mil” is illustrated below.

Tapping the “add” button will create the new channel, which will appear in the activated channel list and on the dashboard directly.

Custom channels can also be erased completely by swiping them to the right in same user interface (“user-defined channels”).