Android MARWIS App Help

App Settings

The default settings are suitable for most applications. Should you, however, need to change something, the general device settings via the gear symbol at the top right corner provides the settings illustrated below.
The following settings are available:

Device Connection

The following parameters control the (Bluetooth) communication with the MARWIS device:

Parameter Default Value Description
Device connection activated On

Connection to the MARWIS device enabled/disabled.

Communication with the MARWIS is active and should remain activate all the whole time. This parameter is merely for test purposes.

Communication Timeout [ms] 150 The communication timeout for Bluetooth communication between the smartphone/tablet and MARWIS in milliseconds.
Retries on error 3 The number of repeats after errors/interruptions of the device communication, before the error is forwarded as a timeout.
Heartbeat rate [ms] 2000 The device status is checked within the chosen time frame in milliseconds.
External UMB polling rate [ms] 5000 UMB request frequency in milliseconds.
Default device UMB address 40961 The standard UMB address for the MARWIS used when sensor channels are created through the app. It is preset but can be changed by the user.
Android UMB address 61441 The standard UMB address for the Android device. It cannot be changed and is preset in the sensor.
Update channels on connection OFF With the activation of this option, information of all the channels is saved and re-read when the sensor is next connected.
Target device MARWIS-UMB_XXXX.YYYY Name of the coupled MARWIS. The XXXX.YYYY represents the serial number of the device.
Station ID 80115 Is generated from the serial number. This value cannot be changed and is specific to each MARWIS.

Server Connection

Besides the measured values on the Android device, the transmission of the data to a server for further processing is an essential function of the app.

Following are the parameters that can be configured for server connection:

Parameter Default Value Description
Server connection enabled OFF

The connection to the server (SmartView, ViewMondo) is enabled/ disabled.

The MARWIS app uses the station ID to identify itself to the server. In order to connect to the server, this setting and the basic device connection must be activated.

If required, port forwarding for the TCP port must be configured on your router and the TCP port must be allowed on your firewall.

The DNS host name or IP address of the server needs to be configured, and the server connection needs to be turned on. If a special TCP port was configured, the corresponding port number should be entered.

(SmartView) Server URL The DNS name or IP address of the server.
Server port The TCP port for the server connection
Communication interval [s] 60

The interval (in seconds) in which data is transferred to the server.

The data collected in the MARWIS app is transferred to the server within the configured “communication interval”, which determines how often data transmission occurs.

Communication timeout [s] 30 Communication timeout in seconds for server connection
Transmission Interval [ms] 1000

The interval (in milliseconds) in which the measurement values are made available for transmission.

Should the connection to the server be interrupted, the data is cached in the app and then transferred to the server as soon as the connection is restored.

Data Display

The following parameters control how the data is displayed on the main “dashboard” screen of the app.

Parameter Default Value Description
Trace path width 10 The width/thickness of the travelled path shown on the map (on the road).
Trace remove interval [s] 1200 The interval (in seconds) until the road condition trace on the road map slowly fades out.
Translate road condition value On This will activate the translation of the numeric road conditions into the related condition description (e.g., dry instead of 0)

Firmware update

The following parameters configure the automatic firmware update for the MARWIS:

Parameter Default Value Description
Enable firmware update On

Automatic check for new device firmware and automatic download.

If the firmware update is active/switched on, the MARWIS app checks at start-up and regularly during operation whether a newer firmware version for the MARWIS UMB sensor is available. If so, it is downloaded and saved, and the user informed about it.

Each time you connect to the MARWIS-UMB sensor via Bluetooth, it checks whether a newer firmware version is available and, if so, whether the firmware should be downloaded to the device. Upon confirmation, the firmware is transferred to the MARWIS-UMB sensor and the MARWIS sensor automatically restarts.

Firmware URL
The internet address where the firmware can be found and downloaded.