Android MARWIS App Help

App display

Dashboard Display

The MARWIS app starts directly with the dashboard view when initiated.

The standard channels, water-film height, road temperature, road condition, friction, ice percentage, dew point, as well as the internal descriptions, units and value ranges are shown. Detailed channel information is retrieved, provided that a connection to the device exists.

The dashboard view is used to monitor and display the measured values during the trip. The color-coded measured values of all selected channels, indicating the road conditions along the traveled route, are displayed on the map.

The display adjusts to the orientation of the tablet/smartphone automatically.

The dashboard view is split into two screens when the device is in portrait mode. A new button at bottom right allows the user to switch between the channel and map view.

Measurement Values

The current measured values for the individual sensor channels are displayed on the left side of the display (or on the channels screen in portrait mode). The display can be scrolled vertically should there be a screen-size limitation.

The icons on the left represent what is being measured. Tapping the icons will present a detailed description of each measured value.

Status Icons

A small status LED icon is located at the top left of the screen next to “MARWIS App”. The different colors indicate the status/condition of the device:

  • gray: no connection to MARWIS;
  • blue: Bluetooth is connected and the configuration data has been read;
  • green: the device operates normally;
  • yellow: the device is ready for operation but a calibration/adjustment is probably required (see below);
  • red: a problem with the device has occurred; and
  • purple: a new firmware version has been downloaded to the device.

Two further connection icons at the top right of the screen show the status of the server connection and Bluetooth connection. A green check mark indicates that a connection exists, while a red cross indicates no connection.

Tapping on the server connection icon displays information about the current connection.

Tapping on the Bluetooth connection icon displays a list of available MARWIS sensors (with existing Bluetooth pairing). Sensor device settings for the sensor connected to the Android device via Bluetooth can be reached by tapping the sensor’s name (more details in , “Others”).

Map display

The map screen shows a map with a color track marking the traveled route.

The usual gestures will move or zoom in/out of the map.

The colors for the road conditions used on the map depend on the “simple road conditions” (green, yellow, red) settings.

If this is activated, the colors are assigned as follows:

Numerical value Meaning Color
0 Dry Green
1 Humid Green
2 Wet Green
3 Ice Red
4 Snow/Ice Red
5 Chemically wet Green
6 Freezing Yellow
7 Critical Yellow
8 Snow Red
>> 8 Unknown Light-Gray

Should the switch not be activated, the following colors are assigned:

Numerical value Meaning Color
0 Dry Light-Gray
1 Humid Light blue
2 Wet Dark blue
3 Ice Rosy
4 Snow/Ice Red
5 Chemically wet Dark Gray
6 Freezing Yellow
7 Critical Rosy
8 Snow Red
>8 Unknown Light-Gray

The track is faded out slowly within the configured “fade out interval” (meaning the track becomes transparent) and the data is removed completely from the map within the set “trace remove interval”.