Android MARWIS App Help

Adjustment and pyrometer offset


The MARWIS needs to be calibrated in order to get the correct sensor adjustment for the environment/route conditions as well as the distance between road and sensor. The gadget should therefore be installed/mounted in the planned position. Calibration should be performed on a dry paved area. Moreover the car must stand still (and not drive!) throughout the calibration process.

Tapping on the menu point “adjustment profiles” opens a list of actual/already available profiles on file. Only profiles with “valid” adjustment data can be selected. The adjustment profile can be overwritten by tapping on the pencil, resulting in the following screen:

Dabei öffnet sich folgender Dialog:

The name of the applied adjustment profile can be changed before the calibration process begins. The duration can also be edited: minimum of 10s is recommended.

Various conditions need to be met for successful calibration. For example, the LED and/or housing temperature must be within the admissible temperature range, indicated by a yellow/orange graphic. The “start” button is disabled when the temperature is below or above the required range. Should this be the case, simply wait until the MARWIS sensor has reached the operating temperature.

Once all conditions have been met, tapping on “Start” will kick off the calibration process. The status, including the already elapsed time or possible failure, is displayed during calibration and adjustment.

Once the calibration and adjustment has completed successfully, tap “OK” to return to the device settings.

When returning from the listed MARWIS devices to the main menu/dashboard, a dialog box will appear, asking whether you would like to apply the new device settings, changed by the adjustment process. Accepting will cause MARWIS to restart with the new settings.

The sensor data values will appear once the reboot has completed.

All information about the sensor calibration is available in the MARWIS user manual.

Pyrometer offset

An offset for the pyrometer temperature measurement can be set. The actual measured temperature is initially shown.

The available buttons have the following functions:

  • “--”: decrease the offset (big step);
  • “-”: decrease the offset (small step);
  • “+”: increase the offset (small step);
  • “+”: increase the offset (big step);
  • “Reset”: reset the adjustment to the initial value;
  • “Save”: save the adjusted offset.

The product is calibrated by Lufft before delivery. Correction of the pyrometer measurement is only required in specific cases and in combination with a reference measuring device.