1. Instrument set up

Before the app can be used with the MARWIS-UMB sensor, the Bluetooth connection between the sensor and the Android device must be established.

1.1 Bluetooth pairing

To pair the MARWIS-UMB sensor with the Android device, activate the Bluetooth connection in the Android device settings and connect the sensor to the power supply. The device appears as „MARWIS-UMB_nnnn.mmmm“ in the list of available devices (nnnn.mmmm being a placeholder for the serial number of the device). The PIN for the pairing is 1007 Tap on “OK” to establish the connection to the device. Note: the device stores the pairing information. After restarting the device, the connection to the Android device is restored automatically. If the MARWIS app is already running in the background, the Bluetooth connection to the sensor is activated automatically. Sensor data is read out automatically and the standard sensor channels are displayed.

1.2 Change Bluetooth connection

This refers to the pairing with a new or another Bluetooth device (tablet, smartphone) in case of an existing pairing with a device.

Note: after the first connection has been established, the MARWIS sensor automatically tries to re-establish this Bluetooth connection.

The MARWIS sensor can only be connected to one mobile device!

When changing the mobile device, it is necessary to change the Bluetooth connection currently stored in the MARWIS sensor. To do this, the new mobile device initiates the connection one time.

The following steps must be done:

  1. Make sure that the previous Bluetooth connection is deactivated or that the mobile device is out of range.
  2. Make sure that a valid connection is established between your new Bluetooth device and the MARWIS sensor (see Chapter 1.1).
  3. To initiate the connection, open the MARWIS app and go to the list of available sensors (device connection icon in the upper right corner ). Select the sensor you want to connect.

After initialization, the selected sensor should no longer have a grey background. If the grey background disappeared the previous connection was overwritten and the connection to the selected sensor is the new default connection.

2. App View

2.1 Dashboard view

The dashboard view is used for monitoring/outputting the measured values while you drive. The measured values of all selected channels as well as a „lane“ of the measurement run and its colour which symbolizes the road condition, are displayed.

The view adjusts automatically, depending on the orientation of the tablet/smartphone: