Mobile collection of weather data in real time

MARWIS is the first to market mobile road weather sensor that reliably records road conditions and environmental data. This intelligent and robust sensor measures 100 times per second – at any time and any place. Thanks to mounting flexibility, it can be easily maintained and be attached to other vehicles which helps you to save time and costs

Marwis on Tour: keeps an eye on the road

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MARWIS reveals the secret of road weather conditions

Ice, snow and aquaplaning – these critical road and runway conditions sometimes make life hard for drivers and pilots. With MARWIS, you get full transparency with what is happening below your tires. As an important decision-support piece for winter services, airports, public transport, shipping agencies and many others, it provides relief in daily work with great responsibility. With its 100 measurements per second, MARWIS makes roads and runways safer and allows for more efficient fleet management.

Evaluation of measured data within seconds

MARWIS collects weather data as temperature, relative humidity, dew point and road conditions (dry, moist, wet, ice/snow, chemical wet). Moreover, it determines ice percentages and calculates the weather-related surface friction. It transfers the data measured continuously and in real time via Bluetooth to a tablet, smartphone or an alternative output device in the driver cab. By means of a data cloud, the MARWIS App is able to forward its measurement values to an operations center, where operations managers can track patrol tours – with the ViewMondo management software, for instance.

Robust and weatherproof through traffic


Our engineers adapted the robust measurement unit to the requirements of mobility so that it can withstand even extreme conditions. MARWIS copes with polluted streets and different surface layers (asphalt, cement) without special calibration, and resists vibrations during demanding usage in cold winters. Aggressive chemicals (e.g. liquid defrosters) don’t matter to the sensor. By means of the detachable enclosure, the sensor can be easily removed, cleaned and reinserted.

All angles covered: quick and easy installation at vehicles

In just a few simple steps, the MARWIS mobile road sensor is attached to the vehicle, with a measuring distance between the road and optics of one or two meters. Due to its compact enclosure and low weight of only 1.7 kilograms, attachment is quite simple.

A suitable protective housing keeps dust and dirt away from the sensor, while the robust metal case ensures great durability.