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For us it is important to always keep you up to date. Therefore you can find all important information about MARWIS from different channels, such as the Lufft Blog, here in an overview.

  • News around MARWIS (2.0)

    News around MARWIS (2.0)

    What's new about MARWIS 2.0? How does the MARWIS friction measurement principle differ from mechanic grip testers? How do MARWIS users mount the sensor on transporters with lorry beds? The linked Lufft Blog post discloses these secrets

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  • MARWIS 2.0 exhibited at large industry meeting in the US

    MARWIS 2.0 exhibited at large industry meeting in the US

    At ITS America 2016 in San Jose Abraham Aguilar presented our new traffic sensor developments. A major highlight was MARWIS 2.0 with the additional temperature probe. The ITS America is accompanied by ITS International - the leading ITS magazine. Find the related article in the link...

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  • MARWIS film awarded internationally

    MARWIS film awarded internationally

    Two international awards went to the creators of the MARWIS film. They originate from the two most important festivals of the independent and short film industry. Read more in the linked press release...

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